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    Based on THE ISO9001 standard, the products are guaranteed to be at the leading level in the domestic industry

    Zhejiang Boer Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the manufacturers focusing on internal combustion engines for more than 20 years. The company focuses on research and development and production of small single-cylinder diesel engines. Enterprise established in the early, as one of the many internal combustion engine industry leading enterprise quality supplier in China, products ranging from cover for single cylinder small diesel engines, pickup trucks, light trucks, low-speed truck, tractors, harvesters, garden machinery, plant protection machinery, high-speed transplanter, generators, engineering machinery, cold chain and ship, etc. Later, an independent research and development team was set up in 2010 to further research and development of single-cylinder small diesel engines and achieved remarkable results. At present, it has completed the research and development, improved and put into the market nearly more than 20 models, covering 8-15.5 horsepower. With 60% of its own parts, the annual output of diesel engines can reach more than 50,000 units. At the same time of development and innovation, the company expands and improves the production and sales of walking tractors, radiating to neighboring countries and more than 20 countries around the world. With passion for industry and research and development, Boer company has obtained 7 practical patents and 4 appearance patents since its establishment. In 2015, it was rated as the science and technology enterprise of Zhejiang Province. Bohr's goal is clear, become the domestic for single cylinder small diesel engines, the preferred walking tractor, and supporting parts, with independent industrial base, and a solid core of scientific research team, make the Bohr, confident, confident promise: as a large one-stop supply base, we will continue to provide customers with reasonable price, excellent quality of products, the fastest Quick, the most convenient, the highest quality service. Bohr sincerely welcome your arrival!






    公司以ISO9001標準為依據,視質量為生命,嚴格 控制生產過程質量,保證產品處于國內行業領先水平



    質量第一、安全第一、我做最好,向顧客提供滿意 的產品和良好的服務

    Our design

    After professional design, manufacturing style novel, beautiful modeling View, the quality of reliable products to meet customer needs.

    Product development

    Relying on sophisticated technology and equipment, and advanced production strength, Focus on researching more powerful and more secure products.

    Company strength

    The company has the national leading professional equipment strong economic solid The force, the scientific management, spreads the wing to soar in the industry.

    Our team

    The company always adhere to the sustainable development strategy, adhere to the "people-oriented, By the exquisite craft quality, has obtained the customer consistent high praise.


    The company sets research, development, production in one, enjoys a high reputation in the industry.

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